Tikumu Consulting partners with and supports small to medium business

We assist business owners, operators, managers and team members build solid business foundations. This may be achieved through strategy and action planning or working on soft skills such as personal effectiveness, communication skills, time and stress management or emotional intelligence and self-confidence issues. We’ll be your biggest cheerleaders and supporters, an objective voice in your business and at times, challenge you on your actions.

With focused and professional coaching everybody wins.

Business Coaching is carried out in the following ways:

Business owners/managers

Do you find yourself working in the business and unable to see the wood for the trees at times? When partnering with a  coach you’ll have the opportunity to start working on your business and not just in the business.

By taking an objective view, you’ll understand your business vision and mission more clearly and see how you can reach solid, sustainable success.

Being a business owner can be motivating, invigorating and awesome, but it can also be lonely, overwhelming and stressful. We pride ourselves on absolutely understanding your passion and desire to achieve, and by partnering with a coach we’ll provide you with the additional support when you need it.

How it works

  • The initial consultation is held ideally face to face but if distance is an issue a phone or Skype session can be arranged
  • In the consultation we’ll discuss your goals, complete the coaching contract, look at preparation techniques and you might even get some homework!
  • Following this we’ll meet weekly or fortnightly for an hour, either face to face, phone or Skype
  • Additional sessions can easily be booked if required
  • Sessions are billed and payable at the beginning of each month
  • Should you need to postpone a session, I’ll happily try to accommodate your request where possible. If postponing becomes regular, I’ll need to challenge your commitment to your coaching and your investment in your personal growth and development

Team coaching

A business may have a group of brilliant employees, but in every great business, individuals do not work in silos. The need for team members to work well together is critical in achieving business success. Team synergy is not always a given however. It needs to be established, nurtured and maintained.

And team coaching is not a one-off team-building event, it is carried out over a period of time when your team will cut through the clutter. They’ll set focused goals, action-plans and establish good habits, structures, systems and processes, which then become entrenched within your team’s everyday working lives.

How it works

  • Team sessions are facilitated face-to-face at your business premises
  • Session topics centre on your business goals and any other issues that need attention or improvement
  • Successful sessions always take place in a private space with 100% focus and attention from all team members
  • We recommend that team members attend the team sessions as well as individual coaching sessions

Coaching Workshops

Coaching Workshops can be facilitated with either a group or a team of candidates.

How coaching workshops work:

  • Each coaching workshop is run over 2 days, for 4 hours long each day
  • Each workshop is tailored to our clients individual requirements. (Please click on specific workshops for objectives, agendas and delivery options.)
  • Workshops work best with groups of between 10 to 12 candidates
  • Most workshops require pre-workshop homework which is utilised in the workshop for maximum learning and development benefits
  • ** “This Coaching Workshop is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting