“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
– John F. Kennedy


Benefits of working with a leadership coach

Being in an executive or leader position can be extremely motivating and exciting. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and you believe you can and are really making a difference to the people within your organisation and to your organisation as a whole. Your position can also be very lonely. By engaging with a leadership/executive coach you will receive the following benefits:


  1. You are provided with a safe space to talk about what’s actually going on for you. The good, the bad and the ugly. All sessions are 100% confidential.
  2. The coaching environment is non-judgemental. Your thoughts, feelings and opinions will never be frowned upon.
  3. As an executive coach, I am immune to egos, I am not your best friend. I am your coach. I will challenge you, objectively, on your thoughts, processes, behaviours etc.
  4. My responsibility in the coaching partnership is to help you achieve your goals. I am 100% dedicated to helping you! Therefore, there will always be a focus to the future. There will always be a plan, homework, goals and accountability.


The idea behind the series

If you are a manager or a leader and you want to improve your leadership skills, then this coaching series is for you. If you want to lead with more confidence, communicate better, embrace change and conflict and add value to your team and business culture, then this coaching series is for you.


What you need to complete the series

You’ll need to open your mind to all possibilities. You may have found yourself stuck in a rut, which is working okay. However, if you challenged yourself and your leadership/management style, how much better could you actually be? How much better would your business and team be if you improved your leadership/management skills?As well as an open mind you’ll need to put time aside to complete the weekly exercises. So, perhaps start thinking about when you’ll fit these in and what needs to shift in your day. Remember, what you put in, is what you get out.


How things will roll over the next 3 months

The coaching series consists of 6 modules, which have been divided up over 3 months. Tackling two modules per month. Every two weeks you will receive a new module, explaining the leadership concept for that fortnight and all exercises to be completed for that period.Within the 3 month period you’ll be allocated 8 x 60min individual Skype coaching sessions to utilise at any time, to help you move through some of the concepts.


Leadership coaching series module topics


  • MODULE 1: Leadership/management introduction – Setting the scene (styles, roles, behaviours and traits)
  • MODULE 2: Change management and communication
  • MODULE 3: Conflict resolution and courageous conversations
  • MODULE 4: Emotional intelligence
  • MODULE 5: Corporate culture
  • MODULE 6: Stress, crisis and time management
  • Reflection


Components of the series


  • 6 modules with exercises and concept templates
  • 8 x 60 min individual Skype coaching sessions held within the 3 month period

Remember, because you’re dedicating time and energy to your business, look on this as a sound business investment. Use the opportunity wisely and you will not be sorry.

The cost of the investment – $ 3,200 (excl GST)

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