Tikumu Consulting facilitates individual executive and group coaching workshops for business. We focus on helping businesses achieve their goals by working with team members, in groups and individually, to ensure their personal and business goals are well aligned with those of the business. This may be achieved through group strategy sessions and action planning or through working on soft skills such as management and leadership coaching, improving communication skills, as well as emotional intelligence behavioural change for individuals or organisations as a whole.

With focused and professional coaching, everybody wins.

Executive and management coaching

During these coaching sessions we will explore and establish:

  • Your business and personal goals and how they align
  • How to develop the capabilities of high-potential performers
  • Desired key skills and competencies, leadership styles and behaviours and how they affect your team’s morale, productivity, environment and loyalty
  • Individualised action plans and methods of goal achievement
  • The meaning and power of accountability
  • How the coach can provide on-going support for your personal development
  • Appropriate tools and techniques to assist in your goal achievement

How it works:

  • Individual sessions are facilitated face-to-face or via Skype
  • At our initial consultation session we discuss personal and business goals, complete the coaching contract and discuss preparation techniques
  • Individual sessions may run independently of the team coaching sessions or in conjunction with them
  • Additional sessions can easily be facilitated

Team Coaching

A business may have a group of brilliant employees but in a great business individuals do not work in silos. The need for team members to work well together is critical for achieving business success.  However, team synergy is not always a given – it needs to be established, nurtured and maintained.

Team coaching is not a one-off team-building event. Team coaching is carried out over a period of time, where your team will cut through the clutter, set focused goals and action-plans and establish good habits, structures, systems and processes, which then become entrenched into your team’s everyday working lives. A team-building event can be facilitated during the team coaching period, as an added benefit.

What does team coaching achieve?

  • It establishes strong team foundations
  • Teams focus on working smarter, not harder and structure goals and action plans around this philosophy
  • Team members learn to maximise resources
  • Improved communication skills and how to brainstorm effectively
  • Learn to deal with conflict and manage difficult conversations
  • Learn accountability and taking ownership for decisions and actions
  • Learn to acknowledge and reward fellow team members and celebrate team and individual success
  • Establish good habits, structures, systems and processes, then aligned to business objectives, entrench these into your team’s everyday working lives
  • Assists team members understand their roles and responsibilities within the business vision and strategic plan

How it works

  • Team sessions are facilitated face-to-face at your business premises
  • Team coaching session topics centre on your business goals, plus any other issues requiring attention or improvement
  • The most successful sessions take place in a private space where there is 100% focus and attention from all team members
  • We recommend team members attend the team sessions as well as individual coaching sessions
  • Phase One: Usually four 4-hourly sessions over 8 weeks
  • Phase Two: Usually two monthly 4-hour sessions

Coaching Workshops

Coaching Workshops can be facilitated with either a group or a team of candidates

How coaching workshops work:

  • Each coaching workshop is run over 2 days, usually 4 hours long for each day
  • Each workshop is tailored to our clients specific requirements. (Please click on specific workshops for objectives, agendas and delivery options.)
  • Workshops work best with groups of 10 to 12 candidates
  • Most workshops require pre-workshop homework which is utilised in the workshops for maximum learning and development benefits.
  • ** “This service has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme, and is eligible for voucher redemption. For more information on the NZTE Capability Development Voucher scheme or to find your local Regional Business Partner go to:  http://www.nzte.govt.nz/en/how-nzte-can-help/programmes-and-services/regional-business-partners/