Your employees are not your mates

Your employees are not your mates

“I get quite anxious when a certain employee arrives at work in the morning, as I never know what to ...Read More
Be mindful of what you don't measure

Be mindful of what you don’t measure

Peter Drucker famously said that what gets measured, gets managed. I often hear this when working with different business owners ...Read More
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Business partnerships – for better or worse

Going into a business partnership is like going into a marriage partnership. When you first meet this person, you get ...Read More
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Essential skills every manager needs

What would you say if I told you that the flight you are taking abroad will be piloted by a ...Read More
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What is your tipping point for change?

Meet Bob. Bob has an unhealthy, stressful life and lifestyle. He don’t eat properly, he drinks too much, he smokes, ...Read More