Create your operations team culture

Without a strong and positive team culture within your business, you will consistently lose out on growing your business, successfully launching key projects and meeting desired deadlines.

This workshop has been designed to assist team leaders and managers to firstly understand why positive culture is such a key driver in their business and to assist them with developing action plans on how to create their optimal team environment, which will support the business goals.

This workshop is interactive and encourages individual participation. The workshop also requires for participants to step out of their comfort zones and reflect on their current personal and professional lives. There are a number of tools and techniques used in the workshop that will assist the participants in reaching their goals in self-discovery. These techniques and tools can be used outside of the workshop environment in their everyday lives.

Areas which will be covered in this workshop:

  • SECTION 1 – Understanding how culture affects your business
    • Why some teams are more effective than others
    • 3 key organisational systems
    • Origins of business culture
  • SECTION 2 – Implement more productivity with your team
    • GROW model and action planning for team success
    • How to make these components a norm in your team
    • 6 Common components of great culture
  • SECTION 3 – Using your skills to optimise leadership potential
    • Emotional Intelligence and thinking cycles
    •  What makes a good leader
    • How to lead a team
  • SECTION 4 – Finding ways to motivate your team
    • Coaching technics all good team leaders should have
    • 5 Keys to successful communication
    • How to build trust in your team

This is a full day workshop. For more details get in contact with Nicole.