It is my pleasure to be able to recommend Nicole Coyne as a Professional Business coach/mentor.

ORIX has contracted Nicole to mentor several senior sales managers over the past 4-5 months. We have been very pleased with her level of professionalism and also the outcomes that both we as an organisation and more importantly my colleagues have seen as a result of her assistance. Because of the positive influence we have observed we have decided to extend her contract into the new year. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Barry Nicholson – General Manager – ORIX New Zealand Limited

I absolutely recommend Nicole Coyne as a business coach. Our sessions have covered a wide range of topics, and have been hugely educational for me as a business owner. I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Nicole because I have absolute confidence that while she will hold me accountable, she’ll do so in a positive and supportive way that helps me to move forward. She has been instrumental in my shaping my business, improving business practices, and helping me to decide on pathways for my career. For anyone who has been considering whether to take on a mentor, Nicole is an excellent choice.  – Kody McIntosh Founder of Signal. Boost Creactive Ltd

“ I’d never done any type of coaching before meeting up with Nicole, I was nervous and a little bit bewildered as to what I should expect to be doing. Nicole quickly brought me up to speed and allowed me to see the bigger picture, not only did I learn lots of new strategies and gain more tools but I gained a world of confidence in myself I never thought I’d have. Working with Nicole is definitely an experience I would recommend to anyone wanting to take a step further or gain clarity particularly with their career. “
– Laura Sarten Customer Services Team Leader

“Nicole and Tikumu Consulting is the reason why we are still in business! MASSIVE statement right? These words are a testament to the service, guidance and support Nicole gave me through a pretty tough personal time that had a direct impact on my business Brandstorm. To say she successfully navigated Brandstorm through some great highs and epic lows is a understatement. Brandstorm invested in monthly coaching, support and development for almost a year… Nicole took us back to the beginning, stripped out why we are in business and then helped develop a plan to kickstart and revive Brandstorm, holding us accountable for monthly objectives that help us grow, not only financially but personally. We are super excited to offer this insight and can’t speak more highly about Nicole… LOVE your work and we look forward as always to our continued working relationship. Thank you : )”
Anthony Simons – Brandstorm

“ Nicole worked with me whilst I transitioned back into the workplace after maternity leave. She worked at my pace, with a communication style that worked well specifically for me and my personality. She is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about what she does and has great examples and sources for references whenever needed. The best part of working with Nicole is that she uses real life examples for you to learn from and not only learn about yourself, but others too. I am really appreciative of everything she has taught me and the guidance she has given me to ensure long term effect rather than quick fixes. Thanks to her new opportunities opened up for me and I am very thankful. “
– Individual coaching candidate

“I started the Bricks and Mortar Business Challenge knowing that I needed someone to work alongside me to condense my business ideas and put them into a workable plan. As an accountant I can prepare the numbers but I am not very disciplined at documenting the other bits that create a successful business. I retain my ideas in my head and by working with Nicole she was able to extract those ideas and put them on paper. I found the business challenge was exactly what I needed as it made me look into my business in depth and define what I really wanted to achieve. I have really enjoyed working with Nicole and the benefits have been immense. Her coaching style is very professional and she is disciplined in keeping you on task and also has a keen interest in seeing you achieve your goals. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Nicole.”
– Tanya Kravenko Chartered Accountant Beanies2u

“I am a passionate fire protection expert, with very little formal education or training when it comes to running a business. I was introduced to Nicole around 9 months ago by a friend. At that time, I was massively overwhelmed with my workload and struggling to make any critical strategic decisions to aid the growth of my company. Since our introduction, I have made some major business decisions and I credit Nicole for giving me the confidence to make these decisions myself. The past 9 months have been some of the hardest I’ve experienced, but Nicole has always been at the end of the phone at all hours, offering sound advice and support and going the extra mile without asking for a single cent in additional compensation. I would recommend Nicole as a coach without a seconds hesitation. If you are looking for someone to help you realise your potential as a business owner, you could not do better than to make use of her exceptional skills, abilities and personal qualities.”
– Russell Hogg, Owner-Operator of The Fire Guys

“Nicole has been my business coach for more than a year now. Using Nicole helps us to stay focused on the important tasks that move the business forward. I’d recommend a business coach to anyone who feels like they can get stuck in the day to day but wants to move forward. Nicole has been great for us!”
– Andrew Millington Director Chartered Accountant at The Accounting Hub Limited

I was lacking direction and motivation with my business and feeling overwhelmed and stressed with trying to run a business. Nicole was great at coming in and helping me to look at all aspects of my life, identifying my mental blocks and giving me some strategies to put things into perspective and allow the work to flow again. I can now plan better and write my daily, weekly and monthly goals down which allows me to free up space in my head and work towards achieving those goals.
I found her to be a great listener and communicator and she is really passionate about seeing improvements in her customers wellbeing. I would recommend her to anyone seeking help with running their business or just running life in general!” Renee Orlop, Merge Media

“Nicole is a fabulous coach. I always looked forward to our sessions with her and felt excited and motivated about what we could do with our business after the session. Nicole’s sessions don’t take a pre-determined path, she lets you explore ideas as they come up. She never tells you what you should be doing, instead she guides you to a decision that you are happy with. I couldn’t recommend Nicole highly enough!”
– Helen Willis Chartered Accountant at The Accounting Hub Limited

“I chose Nicole as my Business Coach/Mentor because she has a professional approach and a proven track record in helping her clients achieve business success. What I loved most about partnering with Nicole is her ability to ask timely questions. Her approach empowered me to find solutions, strategies and to create an action plan for success. I recommend Nicole if, like me, you want to build a business from scratch and recognise that it will take more than passion alone to ensure your business can grow and thrives. Nicole will help you improve your overall self-confidence, develop strategic thinking and set a firm foundation for success.”
– Sharon Tomkins Founder of ZEAL life and wellness coaching

“I worked with Nicole as my business coach for a series of sessions and she was brilliant. Her approach is very professional, her coaching style is wonderful, she drew out the best in me and allowed me to focus on what was important for my business. She is inspirational, I would highly recommend working with Nicole for your business coaching.”
Emily Keal – Owner of Online Toolbox – Marketing and Websites

“I was referred to Nicole by a business associate who only had great things to say about Nicole’s service. He was right, from the first coaching session it felt as if a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I had a sense of direction with my business. Nicole asked the right questions and helped me form a complete overview of my business. This objective view enabled me to look into and improve certain aspects of my business that never previously crossed my mind. I highly recommend Nicole’s service!”
Kyle Esterhuizen – Ester Electrical

“Nicole has been a huge asset to our business in helping us get on track and also stay on track. Nicole has an amazing ability to be positive and real in all situations and has some real gems to share with her clients. I particularly like that Nicole is able to stretch us without it hurting! I always look forward to our sessions and I come away so positive and with a renewed appreciation for the fact that I love what I do!”
– Nicky Remkes – Tom, Dick and Harry Events Management

“Basically, there is no one more perfect I could think of to help me thrash out some options and ideas! Nicole has some serious talent to share & I HIGHLY recommend her. When I wanted some help – I had no doubt who I would contact, having met Nicole through a networking Group. My one off session with Nicole will stay with me for a very long time & I can’t put a value on it. Nicole, thank you so much for your expertise. Your manner and technique put me at ease, I am still buzzing and sharing my experience with you with others! THANK YOU!”
– Claire McArthur

“Working with Nicole has opened up my mind to the possibilities that exist when it comes to setting up a small business. Nicole’s coaching style really matched with my learning style, and that’s what helped me grow and learn in an area that is new to me. Each session is thorough, and followed up with an email to confirm the thoughts and ideas from the session. Nicole uses business tasks to keep you focused on your immediate priority, at the same time allowing you to cement the intricate details of your business, as well as reflect on decisions that need to be made. Working with Nicole has been eye opening; she has believed in me and my idea since day one, and that alone has inspired me to keep going, even when I thought I couldn’t. Nicole is thoughtful, helpful, and considerate. Thank you for your professionalism, your confidence, and your honesty.” – Deepika Gosai

“I came to and what seemed like a brick wall in my business and in particular in the sales area. I had set goals in 2016 to fulfill in 2017.Nicole was able to ask a series of pertinent questions that unearthed beliefs, patterns of behaviour, values that I had held that were restricting my movement forward to what I had seen in my mind how 2017 would play out.”

“She coaches in such a way that makes you think, reflect, even challenging and you go away knowing you have to put the work in so that change can take place. Since our first coaching session I have started a gratitude journal, looked at different ways of building a pipeline of prospects leading into selling, my thinking has changed and I am a lot more relaxed on the journey that I am travelling now. Nicole always checks in with you to follow up on the last coaching session to really see how you are progressing. I am still continuing today to have Nicole challenge me to new heights in business.”

“Every successful person that I know has a coach speaking into their lives, bringing encouragement and challenge in order to grow into the full potential of what we were put on the earth for.”

“I would thoroughly recommend Nicole to you and your organisation because it is an investment that makes a real difference.”
– William Tatana, Harcourts Cooper & Co Real Estate Agent

“Nicole is a fantastic coach. I worked with Nicole over a number of months and I love the way that she thinks on the spot to tailor the sessions to suit what is going on for you on the day. She’s so knowledgeable on a wide range of topics and I like the way that she listens and encourages you to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone into a place of growth. I’d highly recommend Nicole as a coach. If you’re ‘stuck’ or looking to reach their goals but need some accountability then contact Nicole”
– Janette McCormick, Viva Chiropractics

“My sessions with Nicole were extremely useful. Nicole has got an amazing range of tools that she uses. Her knowledge of the current trends in fields of marketing, productivity and business is definitely of help. However, all those things wouldn’t work without Nicole’s integrity, professionalism, flexibility and ability to see what her client’s needs are, even when the client doesn’t know themselves. By working with Nicole, you get clarity in your goals, strategy in your plans and her consistent support. Thanks you so much! .“
– Svetlana Griffin

“When I was told I was going to receive coaching over skype with Nicole, I was unsure how this would work and was a bit sceptical. I was however pleasantly surprised at how well it does work. I found Nicole pleasant, clear, easy to understand, and listens to what is been said. She offers clear guidance, which is backed up with different forms of information that helps you get what you need without spending countless hours of researching to find it. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who wants to exceed or cope with issues that they are experiencing.”
– John

“Nicole really helped me get clarity around the hundred and one things to-do banging around in my head. I’ve now got some clear goals for the week ahead and I feel so much more motivated (and less likely to procrastinate)! Thanks so much Nicole!”
– Alana

“Nicole has an amazing ability to get to the heart of an issue. I can quickly become overwhelmed with the ever-increasing list of jobs I have taken on. Nicole gave me clarity in my decision making and I have now delegated, prioritised and re-assessed work and issues in my business, so that I am now feeling less overw