Bricks and Mortar Business Challenge – 21 Challenges in 7 weeks

“We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges”

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Idea behind the challenge

A business is made up of two components. Bricks and Mortar. The bricks represent the business framework, systems, processes, structures, policies and procedures within a business. The mortar on the other hand represents the “glue” that holds the bricks in place. In business this mortar would be the people and company culture. Does your business have an equal balance between these two components or do you gravitate towards one component more than the other? This challenge has been created to allow you to step outside of your business and think about the bricks and mortar within your environment. This challenge gives you an opportunity to work on your business as opposed to working in the business.

What you need to complete the challenge

This challenge is about opening up your mind to all possibilities. You may find yourself stuck in a rut, which is working okay, however if you challenged yourself and your business, how much better could you actually be? This challenge has no holy cows. Everything is up for a  challenge.

Besides having an open mind you need to put some time aside to complete your challenges. So start thinking about when you will fit these challenges in. What needs to shift in your day?

If you want to improve your business you need to step outside of your comfort zone and make some changes. The first challenge will be making the time to do this.

How things will roll over the next 7 weeks

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning for the next 7 weeks a challenge will appear in your inbox. You may choose to complete the challenge that day or you can tackle it the following day.  As a business owner or manager you may be required to focus solely on your own role and responsibilities within the business, you may be challenged to question specific systems and processes, or it may challenge your team and/or your business culture. Every week will bring new, interesting and thought-provoking quests!

Within the 7 weeks you will be allocated 4 x 60min individual Skype coaching sessions. You can utilise these sessions at any time during the 7 weeks to help you move through some of the challenges. Your sessions, your choice.

Taster of challenges

Not to let the cat completely out of the bag, but here is a taster of some of the challenges you would be taking on over the 7 week period.

  1. Business health check
  2. SWOT analysis
  3. Competitive analysis
  4. Business induction process
  5. Customer relations
  6. Values
  7. Business costs

And much, much more.

Remember, you are dedicating time and energy to your business see this as a business investment. Use it wisely, you will not be sorry.

The cost of the investment – $1,950(excl GST)

What do you receive?

  1. 21 challenges over the 7 week period with working templates where applicable.
  2. 4 x 60 min individual Skype coaching sessions held within the 7 week challenge.

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