Understanding Emotional Intelligence Group Coaching Workshop

“The capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others.  For motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions in ourselves and in our relationships.” – Daniel Goleman

The objectives of this workshop is to understand what emotional intelligence is through  four components: self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management. Learn how to increase our emotional intelligence by utilising newly learned skills and applying practical tools.

This workshop is interactive and encourages individual participation. The workshop also requires for participants to step out of their comfort zones and reflect on their current personal and professional lives. There are a number of tools and techniques used in the workshop that will assist participants in reaching their goals in self-discovery. These techniques and tools can be used outside of the workshop environment in their everyday lives.

Areas which will be covered in this workshop:

  • Defining emotional intelligence
  • Identifying personal values
  • Emotional Tracking
  • Increasing emotional intelligence competencies through the action cycle.

This workshop can be facilitated in a number of ways:

Option 1:

  • This workshop is facilitated over 2 days of 4 hours each day. 
  • Day 2 is facilitated 10-14 days after days 1.
  • During this 10-14 day period the participants will be required to complete certain homework assignments. They will be required to implement the tools and techniques they have learnt during the first session.
  • The participants’ feedback is then merged into Day 2’s session.


  • This workshop is run as a 2 day stand alone workshop.
  • Two weeks after the workshop, follow up calls will be made with each participant.
  • A telephonic feedback session will be conducted to assess how they have managed with their newly learnt skills.
  • Telephonic sessions would be approximately 20-30 minutes.

Option 3:

  • This workshop is run in conjunction with one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • The typical number of individual sessions would be between 6 and 8 sessions.
  • Sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes long.

Option 4: 

  • This workshop is part of a 6 workshop collection run every month for six months.
  • Homework assignments would be required to be completed during the weeks between each workshop.
  • Group coaching workshops are run in conjunction with individual coaching sessions.

“This Coaching Workshop is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Find out more by visiting www.regionalbusinesspartners.co.nz”