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What should you look for in a job? 1

Is your physical working environment the main reason for wanting to shift jobs or is it the general conduct and behaviour within the office which makes you believe the grass is greener in the competitor’s camp? Could it be that you feel under-skilled and completely overwhelmed or do your values clash with your direct boss or the company in general? These are common reasons for wanting to change jobs and careers, however they are not the only reasons.

The reasons for why we work are plentiful and most people will provide their own answers on why the do the jobs they do. Some people work to live and others live to work. One thing that is very clear is that most of us spend the vast majority of our time working. Therefore, how can we ensure that the time that we spend working is going to benefit us, not just financially, but also stimulate us mentally, inspire us to do better and motivate us so we actually enjoy our jobs?

What should you be looking for in a job? Well, this is where the final two levels of Gregory Bateson’s Logical level of Change model comes into play. Level 5 is the identity level.

Some questions you need to ask yourself from this level are as follows;

  1.  Who am I in my current role? Does my current position offer me the opportunity to have a strong self image?
  2. What is my sense of self or self-image when I am in my current role?
  3. If I feel that my self-image could be improved, could it be strengthened within the current position?

The final level is the purpose level. This level is all about how you as an individual connect with something bigger than yourself. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How well do I relate, identify and connect with the company’s vision, mission and values? Has the company vision become part of my own work vision?
  2. Do I support the company’s objectives? Do I actively work towards achieving the company goals and believe whole heartedly in their purpose?

If you are not able to connect with the purpose and vision of a business, then finding your internal mojo to be “present” and active within the workplace will become challenging.

So when looking for a new job, utilise the change model as a tool to guide you through your search. Ensure that you are completely aware of what you are walking into before you move to the greener pastures.

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