A difference in values: a sign to change your jobPosted by On January 29, 2016

What are your accidental values? The behavioural traits that you spontaneously exhibit on a day-to-day basis (read more about values here). The traits you show when you are not consciously thinking about your behaviour.

Accidental values don’t belong to just individuals, they are also exhibited by an organisation on a daily basis. How people communicate with each other, how they engage with their customers, what gets attention within the organisation and what gets celebrated.  Another term for this would be the company’s culture. How people conduct themselves within the working environment and how they engage with each other are  behavioural traits which stem directly from the company’s value system. The company’s accidental values that is, not their stated values.

If a company’s stated core values are not ingrained in the working environment and day to day behaviour, if the majority of people within the business are not walking th