The dirty little secret of goal settingPosted by On February 16, 2016

The need for instant gratification, I believe has become our worst enemy in the goal setting department. Consciously or subconsciously,  we tend to expect for change to take place overnight and when it doesn’t we become desponded and convince ourselves that we failed.

Once the goal has become clear in our minds and the decision to change has been made, we pop on our rose-tinted sunglasses and fall in love with the goal and the idea of success. We however tend to forget about what actually needs to happen after the goal-setting process. We fail to do a reality check and put things into perspective. We often under-estimate how hard we actually need to work in order to achieve the goal. This is where the love-hate relationship with our goals starts.

The message is not to not dream big and have goals. Please do and dream as big as you can. As Jim Collins says, have big, hairy, audacious goals. However, if you want to be successful you need to think and be realistic about how you to want to achieve your goals. Here are a few thoughts to consider when planning for your next goal.

  1. How does this goal fit into your current life? Yes, most of us  have extremely busy,  stressful lives. The reality of living in today’s world. So if you want to achieve something, how will it fit into your current situation and are you willing to give something up in order to make this goal part of your life?
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