Staying on coursePosted by On February 25, 2016

Over the past couple of weeks I have repeatedly heard the phrase. “Work on your business, not just in your business.” I love this idea as it forces you to remove the blinkers, take a step back and momentarily extract yourself from your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. It makes you look at your business in an objective manner.

What would this look like if we took the same advice but instead applied it to ourselves? So do some work on ourselves.

This always makes me think of swimming in the ocean. Once you are in the water and you have adjusted to your surroundings, you start enjoying yourself and get swept up in the experience. However, when you look back at the shore line, you quickly notice that you have shifted with the currents. This was never your intention, but while you were busy with other things, you drifted off course.

This drifting happens everyday. We become so absorbed in our own “stuff” that we forget to lift our heads and notice if we have moved off course. If we are still on target or have lost focus on our goal’s action plan. We also fail to notice the impact we have and the part we play in achieving goals.

Here’s the thing, whether you are a business owner or employee, we all play an integral role in achieving the business’s goals. How we behave and interact with our goals, will undoubtedly affect their success.

So how can we prevent this drifting from happening?

By taking a step back and including ourselves in the review process. This process will not only highlight business challenges and wins, but this objective assessment will also highlight personal areas of opportunity. Instead of reviewing the what, include the how. Especially how the goal’s action plan was managed either by yourself or by the person responsible. It might be a completely realistic goal and action plan, but the way and how