Strengths first, skills secondPosted by On January 25, 2016

When last did you check that the skills you possess are the skills you are utilising in your current job? Or, are you winging your way through your daily tasks with a very basic skill set and wondering why you are getting frustrated everyday? Are these frustrations causing you to hate your job and prompting you to look elsewhere for employment?

Over the past 2 weeks we have looked at Gregory Bateson’s Logical Levels of Change with regards to job or career change. We have so far discussed the environmental and behaviour levels. This week we focus on the Skills and Capabilities level.

Let’s do an exercise:

  1. Write down your top three strengths and passions. For example. “I am very good at organising events and co-ordinating people. I am an excellent communicator and I really enjoy motivating people” etc. Remember these strengths are not necessarily what you are currently utilising in your position, but what you are good at and passionate about doing.
  2. Are you utilising these strengths in your current position?
  3. If not, why not? And do you want to?
  4. If you are not utilising these strengths, then what do you need to do or change