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I’d like to introduce you to three types of people who are working in your business. They come to work every day, take up space, use office resources, drink the complimentary coffee and represent your brand to the outside world.

First up we have the engaged team member. These are team members you want to have in your business. They are the motivated, enthusiastic, driven individuals who make things happen for your business. They believe in your business purpose and their personal values align to your business values. You don’t mind these people taking up space or drinking the coffee.

How did these people land up in my business..? Did my recruitment strategy work or did it just happen? To keep them in your business and the poaching competition at bay, you need to be involved and engaged with these people.  What are you doing in your business to keep these people engaged, interested and driven? What’s your people plan?

The next type of team member is the unengaged team member. This individual could be called a “clock-watcher”. They arrive, do the bare minimum to get by and leave the minute the clock strikes home time. They do not go the extra mile and do not add additional value to your business. The difference between an engaged and unengaged team member, is all about their attitude and how their attitudes influence how they spend their working hours.

“What can I do to improve myself in order to reach the business goals” vs. “I’ve completed the tasks on my checklist, can I go home?”  I am sure you can differentiate between the two.

Even though these unengaged people are not disruptors and they get the basics done, they can be extremely corrosive to your business culture. These members are not going to make your business stand out in the crowd. What’s your  people plan with these team members?

Lastly, we have the disengaged team members. These are individuals you don’t want in your business.  They are incredibly verbal about what they don’t like in your business and are purposefully  “anti” any new initiative you bring into the business.  They aren’t shy to share their views with their colleagues or even your customers. They are toxic for your business. These people tend to linger in your business, if you let them. They are quite happy to come to work everyday with a dark cloud hanging over their heads and to share the misery and negativity with the rest of your team members. What’s your people plan with this group?

All of these people are representing your business. They are either adding value and creating memorable experiences with your customers, or they are destroying your business. Who would you like to have operating your business?

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