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What would your replacement do? 1

Many of us have gone through a phase of being in a slump or disengaged at work. Your routine gets, well, too routine.

In the beginning things are fresh and exciting! Every day is filled with promise and grand opportunities! But now every day feels like Ground Hog Day. Daily activities blend into one another. Conversations sound the same. Small tasks become overwhelming and too hard to complete.  You wake up one day and it just feels like you have lost your mojo!

How did this happen? What went wrong?

Unfortunately this happens easily. To avoid it we need to recognise the “moving-into-a-slump-phase” signs.  A little trick that can help to pre-empt this situation, is to ask this question from Andy Stanley, leadership author: “What would your replacement do?

It can be hard to imagine yourself as dispensable,  however a simple visualisation technique like this can allow you to see your situation through fresh eyes. Things will seem less emotional, draining or overwhelming. By taking a step backwards and looking at your position from a different perspective, you give space for fresh ideas to be born. The weight lifts off your shoulders. Things seem clearer. Your motivation levels start to lift and everything and anything seems possible.

Even more effective is if you apply this technique on a regular basis. This can help you to avoid hitting the slump phase completely. Looking at life from a different perspective will keep you objective, it keeps you curious and open for new ideas.



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