Why your business needs coachingPosted by On December 3, 2015

I was chatting with a lady the other day and she told me flat out, “We don’t do coaching in our business”. Unfortunately this view reflects many businesses out there, that (for a number of possible reasons) haven’t realised the value in coaching.

So what are they missing out on? Here are six of the top benefits:

  1. By introducing proper coaching practises into your business you are sending a message to all employees that they are important to the business. That the business would like to see them growing and developing in their current positions, in their careers and in their own personal lives. This type of investment in your employees results in increased company loyalty and a decrease in employee turnover. More time is spent growing the skills and capabilities of the teams and building the business than wasted on long and tedious recruitment and on-boarding processes.
  2. Engaged and motivated team members results in increased productivity.
  3. Good coaching programmes improve communication skills. When people start to communicate properly they are able to build trust relationships with each other.  They know where each party stands on important issues.  Assumptions, miscommunication and misunderstandings can be eliminated.
  4. Good coaching practises results in having clearly defined goals and acti