Are you a people pleaser?Posted by On May 12, 2015

Are you a people pleaser? Do you say “Yes, no problem” when someone asks you to do something,  but in your head you are screaming “NO!”

For some people this is the story of their lives. They spend so much time chasing the clock  trying to complete other people’s urgent tasks, which aren’t important and never get to their own truly important tasks.

With this in mind I have been reviewing Eisenhower’s Important and Urgent Principle.  How this principle is explained is that once you have selected and completed  important activities they generally lead to personal goal achievement. This makes complete sense and seems so simple, but why is it so hard to get started on the important tasks? On the other hand urgent activities are usual associated with completing other people’s goals. So why do so many people complete other people’s urgent tasks before tackling their own important ones?

Why do people fall into the people pleaser category? Do they feel guilty or pressurised? Do they just say “yes” to avoid a confrontation?

The following questions will help you to consciously choose which tasks you will complete:

1) Why am I performing this task?

In other words, “What am I getting out of performing this task?” If the answer is a positive one such as “I get pleasure out of helping someone” , or if completing this task is going to benefit you in some direct or indirect way, then go for it.

If the answer to this question provokes thoughts  such as “