Team Coaching

A business may have a group of brilliant employees, however the difference between a good business and a great business is that in a great business, individuals do not work in silos. The need for team members to work well together is critical for achieving business success. Team synergy is not always a given and must be established, nurtured and maintained.

Team coaching is not a one-off team-building event. Team coaching is carried out over a period of time, where your team will cut through the clutter, set focused goals and action-plans and establish good habits, structures, systems and processes, which are entrenched into your team’s everyday working lives. A team-building event can be facilitated during the team coaching period, as an added benefit.

Why have team coaching?

  • Team coaching establishes strong team foundations.
  • Teams will delve into the concept of working smarter, not harder and structure their goals and action plans around this philosophy.
  • Team members learn to maximise their resources.
  • They improve communication skills and learn to brainstorm constructively and objectively.
  • They learn to successfully deal with conflict situations and how to manage difficult conversations.
  • They learn to be accountable and take ownership for their decisions and actions.
  • They learn to acknowledge and reward their fellow team members and celebrate team and individual success.
  • Establishing good habits, structures, systems and processes, aligned to business objectives and entrenching these into your team’s everyday working lives.
  • Assisting team members to understand their roles and responsibilities within the business vision and strategic plan.

How it works

  • Team sessions are facilitated face-to-face at your business premises.
  • Team coaching session topics would be centred on your business goals, as well as on any other issues the sponsor and team members believe need attention or improvement.
  • To ensure that the sessions are successful, they should take place in a private space, where there is 100% focus and attention from all team members.
  • It is recommended that the individual team members attend both the team sessions as well as the individual coaching sessions.
  • Phase One: Typically four 4-hour sessions over 8 weeks.
  • Phase Two: Typically two monthly 4-hour sessions