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Postive mindsets are key to goal achievement 1

One of the most common reasons why some people don’t succeed in achieving their goals is that deep down inside they are telling themselves “I can’t do it”. People can be their own worst enemies and sabotage a perfectly good and achievable goal by telling themselves they cannot do it.

So much energy is wasted on coming up with the most creative reasons for not achieving. “I’m not clever enough. I’m not good enough,  I’m not fit enough, young enough, experienced enough, rich enough.”  The list goes on.

I hear this type of negative talk often. People believe that if they justify why they cannot achieve something then its okay to not work towards a goal. All that the negative speak and excuses do is set you up to fail, or make it very difficult to succeed. Why do people put themselves through this type of stress? Is it to have the last word, “I told you so” after you failed or is it to stay in their comfort zone?

A postive, motivated and enthusiastic mindset is one of the essential traits to have in order to achieving our goals. The will to succeed. The journey that takes place between establishing a goal in the beginning to actually achieving it at the end can be very long, lonely, frustrating and bumpy with many obstacles, road blocks and distractions.

Here are some tips on how to successfully achieve your goals:

  1. Ensure that the goal you set out to achieve is your own goal and that you are clear on the purpose of why you are achieving this goal.
  2. Be realistic about your goal deadlines and understand that there will be many lows in your journey before the highs of success kick in. Yes, be realistic.
  3.  Positive affirmations can be labelled as being “fluffy” at times, however, what affirmations do for you is that they focus you and gently force you to think positively about your goals and what it takes to achieve them, even if you are not feeling very motivated. By implementing this practise on a daily basis you build a positive routine into your day. Take 10 minutes a day to implement this essential habit. You will thank me.
  4. Surround yourself with supporters. You may be the most positive individual that you know, but it helps to have people around you who believe in you and who can support you when you need it. They could be family, friends, colleagues, a club or networking group. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals to make the journey easier.
  5. Hire a coach. This could be a sports coach, life coach or business coach. Partner with someone who will hold you accountable, keep you on the straight and narrow, remind you of why you want to achieve the goal and challenge you.

Just think if your energy was channeled towards achieving the goal instead of thinking up excuses of why you can’t do something, how much would you actually accomplish?

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