Okay, I’m ready to be motivated!Posted by On July 9, 2015

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no big secret to being motivated. There is no magical formula, expensive pill or exotic herbs you can take. Yes, you might attend a motivational talk or read a motivational book or actually even take exotic herbs, but these are just tools you use along the way. These are not your core motivators, they don’t maintain your motivation, they simple assist you in your journey.

To maintain your motivational levels you firstly need to understand and accept that no body or thing can motivate you except for yourself.

Newsflash! The main motivator in your life is you.

Waiting around for other people to motivate you is just doing an injustice to yourself. The more you depend on others, the more power you surrender to them and the less control you have over your life. Which inevitably affects your self-esteem and confidence levels.

The research says that intrinsic motivation is motivation that stems from genuine interest and ambition, and not from external motivators such as status and power. It’s about engaging in specific behaviours because you want to, and these behaviours bring you happiness and personal reward. You do these activities because you want to do them, not because you have been told to or seek reward from someone else.

So how can you increase your intrinsic motivators?

Instead of focusing your energy on other people and how demotivated you are, start focusing