Do your support systems strengthen or hinder your business?Posted by On March 11, 2016

When you look at an iceberg what do you see? You would probably say something along the lines of “I see a beautiful, majestic ice mass floating on an icy blue ocean, glistening in the sun.” This is quite a romantic picture, but you get the idea and are probably visualising an iceberg as you read this.
With this in mind, have you ever thought about what is supporting this large mass of ice? If you investigate, you will see that there is a completely different world just below the waterline. An even larger mass of ice, hidden just under the water’s surface is acting as a  support system for this beautiful creation.
Let’s apply this iceberg concept to your business. The tip of the iceberg, the twenty percent above the waterline represents how the outside world sees your business. How your team, your clients and potential clients views how the business operates on a day to day basis.  This is your company’s personality or character.
If you had to stand back, romance aside, and objectively evaluate your business and see what other people see, what would your first impression of the twenty percent be?  How do you see people interacting and communicating with each other? How are things achieved and done within the working environment? What’s the biggest focus, what gets attention and what is ignored? Does your business walk the talk or just talk?