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It doesn’t matter who you are a multi-millionnaire business tycoon or the bloke next door, we all need to feel appreciated in some shape or form in our personal and professional lives.

So with that said, can you remember the last time you were thanked or the last time you thanked someone? I’m not talking about thanking someone for opening the door for you or passing the table salt. I am referring to the type of thanks where you tell a person that by them being who they are, their efforts and how they have positively impacted your life, personal or professional, is greatly appreciated and cherished.

In today’s world, we are so busy trying to keep our heads above water and keep our own lives on track, that we often slip into that dangerous mode of assuming that people know how we feel. We often hear people saying, “he knows he is doing a good job”, or “no feedback is good feedback”.  I find that incredibly sad and depressing, that a simple act of thanks, which is so powerful, can be overlooked so easily.

Think back to the last time someone told you how much they appreciated you. How did it make you feel? How did that compliment or acknowledgment impact the rest of your day or week? It probably made a huge impression in your life and left you smiling for quite some time. Now, think about your next engagement straight after that affirmation. How did your positive mood influence that interaction?

This kind of feedback makes both business and human sense. Building up your team by showing your appreciation through honest positive feedback is priceless. This type of behaviour doesn’t just build loyalty and team strength, but it teaches people to appreciate who’s around them, not just in the workplace, but in their personal lives as well. This type of behaviour is adopted by your employees and is re-created in their own lives.

So a challenge to you – Are you able to communicate your appreciation to just one person everyday? This person could be in your personal or professional life. They could be the barista at your local coffee stop who makes the best espresso you have ever tasted, or the cleaning lady in your office who always goes the extra mile. Tell that person “thank you” and how they make a positive difference in your life. Your words are a priceless gift, not just to them, but to yourself as well.

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