It’s not always about winningPosted by On September 10, 2015

“If we are brave enough often enough, we will fall; this is the physics of vulnerability.”  Brene Brown discusses this in her latest book, Rising Strong.

When I first read this quote I felt extremely relieved and a whole lot more confident with my own journey. As I mulled over the concept of what it is to be brave I decided to add to this quote by saying, ” The braver you are the more opportunities there are to fail and that’s okay.”

Why would  I be relieved? Well, in some bizarre way we may sometimes justify to ourselves that if we are brave and take a leap of faith by moving out of our comfort zones it is purely a once-off occurrence. “Right, I’ve been brave. I can tick off  “brave” in the check box and move back into my comfort zone and carry on with my life”.

However, in reality in order to grow and develop and move forward in life, you have to continuously be brave. Bravery is not a once-off action. You have to continuously deal with being uncomfortable and yes, feeling vulnerable. The relief then comes when you know that you don’t have to win every time that you are brave. Success is not the only end result of being brave. You can actually fail and that’s okay too.

We can put such pressure on ourselves to win and to be successful, so that if we are not 100% certain of a rosy outcome it, makes us think twice about being brave. Instead of just realising that the a