Are your tasks rocks, stones or sand?Posted by On November 12, 2015

Many of us are faced with having far too many tasks on our to-do lists. To combat this feeling we either launch ourselves into overdrive and start chasing our tails to get everything done or we succumb and give up, completing nothing.

If you have experienced this feeling I suggest you the read the following story…

An American professor was invited into a corporation to teach a team of top executives how to better manage their time. Because they were busy, they required the training to take a maximum of 60 minutes. The professor decided to be as brief as possible.

He started his lecture with a demonstration. He opened a large box full of grey stones as big as a fist. He put them one after another into the empty pot. When the pot looked full he asked the executives:

“Do you think the pot is full?” “Yes”, they replied.

“Really?” The professor smiled, “let’s have a look”. And he opened a smaller box containing small white stones and started putting them into the pot. They filled the holes in between the grey stones without any problems. The professor repeated his question: “Is the pot full now?”