Adding value to your team membersPosted by On May 18, 2016

John Maxwell said, “You add value to people, when you value them”.  So how do you value  your team members? Or, should I rather say, how do you actively show your people that you value them? What characteristics do you want to add to your corporate culture?

Don’t paint everyone with the same brush

It’s important to note that every one of your team members is a unique person and they need to be treated as individuals. Acknowledging them for their own individuality can be done through:

  • One-on-one contact time: Never assume that everyone needs the same level of attention as you do. One-on-one contact or follow-up time needs to be scheduled at mutually agreed times. Think about each one of your team members. Which of them needs regular productive contact time with you and which ones are happy with weekly or even fortnightly contact time?
  • Feedback style: not everyone will react positively to one style of feedback. Are you aware of which feedback techniques each individual team member reacts well too? If not, perhaps you need to investigate this further. Team members who ignore or react negatively to feedback or the manner in which it is delivered can cause damage to your business.

Listen to and acknowledge their ideas

What’s the main reason for these people being in the business? They are there to add val