Are your employees sabotaging your business?Posted by On June 4, 2015

Within the first 21 days of starting in your business, how vulnerable are new appointees? Can you, with absolute certainty confirm that these newbies are receiving a genuine warm welcome from your existing employees?

I recently watched a fascinating Ted Talk, A thrilling look at the first 21 days of a bee’s life, shared by photographer Anand Varma.  Anand’s captivating story describes how the first 21 days of a bee’s life are the most crucial. This is where they develop, grow and become the new generation who inherit the reins of the existing bee colony. Sadly, what scientists have now discovered is that these vulnerable bees are being attacked by tiny mites, hiding deep within the hive, causing the young bees to become  weaker, less productive and inferior adult bees. This is subsequently causing a worldwide honey shortage.

You are probably asking yourself what on earth this has to do with new employees? Well, a beehive could be likened to a business, and the bees to employees. We know that businesses are only as strong and successful as the people they employ. So, is your business setting your new employees up for success or failure? Through hiring new people, is your business growing stronger or weaker?

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