Individual Executive/Management Coaching

During these coaching sessions, we will explore;

  • your business and personal goals and how they align with each other
  • how to develop the capabilities of high-potential performers
  • desired key skills and competencies, leadership styles and behaviours and how they affect your team’s morale, productivity, environment and loyalty.
  • individualised  action plans and methods of goal achievement
  • the meaning of accountability
  • how the coach can provide on-going support for your personal development
  • various tools and techniques to assist in your goal achievement

How it works:

  • Individual sessions are facilitated face-to-face, at your business premises.
  • At an initial consultation session, which may last up to 90min, we will discuss personal and business goals, complete the coaching contract, discuss preparation techniques and complete a few other necessary documents.
  • Phase one: Typically one hour per week for 8 weeks.
  • Phase two: Typically one-hour every second week, for 8 weeks.
  • These individual sessions may run independently of the team coaching sessions or run in conjunction with the team sessions.
  • Should additional session be required, this can be facilitated.

Business coaching pricing packages