01 Sep

Is work-life balance achievable?

Last weekend was a productive one for me, decluttering my kitchen cupboards. In our home we are avid followers of Marie Kondo’s philosophy of “If it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it.” Whilst decluttering and celebrating our new found space, I thought about her mantra and realised that one could apply the same philosophy to life itself, and specifically to work-life balance.

Finding work-life balance in our modern busy lives often feels like searching for the holy grail, completely impossible. However, unlike the holy grail, work-life balance can be found. It is achievable. You just have to know where to look.

Instead of trying to cram so much into our work and personal lives, and desperately trying to “make it work”, think about what you can remove. Ask yourself this question, “How is this task/job/action serving me?” If the answer comes back negative, then why are you still doing it?

How can you remove the task/job/action from your life? Do you need to delegate the task, apply for another job or stop performing a certain action? Whatever it is, if it is not working for you, if it is doing you a disservice, then find a way to remove it.

By removing “stuff” from our lives we start to create some breathing space. We start to create a balance. Making a choice to keep something in our lives also reminds us of its importance. We cherish it more.

Now here comes the trick. Once you have eliminated and decluttered unnecessary things from your life, be incredibly mindful of adding any new things.

When embarking on a new project or task ask yourself these questions:

  1. What joy will I get out of taking on this new task?
  2. Will this new task fit into my existing lifestyle and work-style?
  3. What have I removed from my life to make space for this new item?

Trying to achieve work-life balance is ongoing. It is not a quick fix, but something we are continuously managing in our lives. Remember you are in control of what comes into your life, so if it doesn’t serve you, get rid of it.

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25 Aug

The secret to successful project implementation

Starting a new project can be extremely exciting. The thought of getting your teeth stuck into a new venture can literally motivate you to get up and out of bed in the morning. It may even get the creative juices flowing after a dry uncreative spell.
The reality of new projects
The thing about new projects or introducing something new into your life, personal or business, is that it is new. It doesn’t have a place yet in your daily routine.
So after all the excitement and day-dreaming of what you could achieve with this new idea it comes down to asking the realistic question. How will this new pursuit fit into your already hectic life?  And unless you are a hermit living off grid, you do have a full and busy life.
 Making your new project work
How do you achieve this merging of something new into your schedule?
Before we get to the answer, first answer this question. Have you ever tried to add more water into a already full glass of water? Well the logical answer is no and why would you? The glass is already full. By adding in the extra water, it will just overflow.
So why try to do that in your own life? Fill your own already full glass with more “water”? Add more stuff to your already chaotic to-do list?
The secret to not letting the water overflow from your glass, is that you need to take something out of your life first. Remove an existing project from your routine in order to make room and time for the new, exciting venture.
Making space for new ventures
That does seem like a hard ask. What would you give up in order to make room for something new?
By introducing something new into your life you’ll need to spend time, energy, efforts and money on “making it happen”. If you jump in, boots and all, without considering the consequences of how this new project will affect your existing life and lifestyle you will either fail, develop a hatred for the project, or you will lose out on something else in your life. Rather set yourself up for success from the beginning than walk into failure. Rather be in control of the letting go than be forced to unwillingly let go in a pressured situation.
So before adding the extra water into the glass, ask yourself:
1) What am I happy to give up on to allow for this new project to become successful.
2) What am I not enjoying in my life that can be removed to make place for my new project?
3) If I cannot remove something from my life, what resources do I need to make things work?
4) If I don’t remove something from my routine and I don’t bring in additional resources to assist, what will happen?
 If you are going to spend time, money and energy on a new project, make sure you set yourself up to win from the very beginning.
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