Social awareness exercise

Social Awareness
1) Are you aware of  emotional signals from others?
2) Do you listen to understand the other person, before you seek their attention and understanding?
3) Do you recognise and celebrate other people’s strengths?
4) Do you recognize and respect other people’s opinions?
5) Do you connect well with others?
6) Do you actively build relations with your team members and customers ?
7) Are you aware of who the key decision makers are?
8) Are people aware of and understand your opinion?
9) Do you offer honest and practical feedback?
  • What areas stand out for you as needing attention and what are their scores?
  • What would happen if you didn’t improve these areas?
  • What scores would you like them to be? (e.g. moving the issue from a 4 to an 8)
  • What is your action plan?