How to define a list of priorities

Once you have decided that the task is in need of your attention and your answers to the following questions have come back favourable.

  • What am I getting out of completing this task?
  • What am I compromising?

The next step is to plot your tasks on the grid below.

Take each task and ask yourself these 2 questions.

  • On a scale of 1-10. How important is this task?
  • How urgent is this task? Using a time frame as a guide.

Once you have defined the task’s level of importance and urgency, plot the task on the grid.

For example: My task is very important, but slightly urgent. Therefore it will be plotted on number 3 of the grid. There will be other tasks, which will take priority over this one.

Importance scale: On a scale from 1-10.·       Not important: between 1-3

·       Slightly important: between 4-6

·       Very Important: between 7-10

Urgency scale: This is based on a time scale.·       Extremely urgent (must be completed today)

·       Slightly urgent (can be completed within the next 3 days

·       Not urgent (Can be completed next week)


  Not Important Slightly Important Very Important
Extremely urgent(must be completed today)




4 2 1
Slightly urgent(can be completed within the next 3 days)




7 5 3
Not urgent(Can be completed next week)




9 8 6


Once the tasks have been plotted. Look at blocks 1,2 and 3. These would be your priority tasks.