Corporate and Large Business coaching

The beauty of working in a large business is that the majority of the time the infrastructure  to support the employees and business owners has already been established. Nowadays with coaching becoming more widely used and accepted in business, well run human resource and training departments would need to specialise in certain coaching models in order to meet the needs of the business. So, if businesses already have internal coaches why would they invest in engaging the services of an external coach?

This is a great question and so here are a few reasons why large business should and do invest in the service of an external coach.

Why businesses utilise an external coach for executive and senior management.

  1. Executive management find it challenging to be coached by a peer. Internal coaches do not always guarantee a 100% confidential relationship and this may put strain on the coaching initiative as well as the relationship between the manger and the coach.
  2. External coaches bring an objective voice into the relationship, which is void of any internal agendas or possible conflict of interest.
  3. External coaches are not swayed by the internal culture of the business or internal politics.
  4. An external coach will contract on a set brief and the objective will be to complete the brief requirements.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching can be facilitated with the business owner, business manager or individual employees.

During these coaching sessions, we will explore;

  • your business and personal goals and how they align with each other
  • how to develop the capabilities of high-potential performers
  • desired key skills and competencies, leadership styles and behaviours and how they affect your team’s morale, productivity, environment and loyalty.
  • individualised  action plans and methods of goal achievement
  • the meaning of accountability
  • how the coach can provide on-going support for your personal development
  • various tools and techniques to assist in your goal achievement

How it works:

  • Individual sessions are facilitated face-to-face, at your business premises.
  • At an initial consultation session, which may last up to 90min, we will discuss personal and business goals, complete the coaching contract, discuss preparation techniques and complete a few other necessary documents.
  • Phase one: Typically one hour per week for 8 weeks.
  • Phase two: Typically one-hour every second week, for 8 weeks.
  • These individual sessions may run independently of the team coaching sessions or run in conjunction with the team sessions.
  • Should additional session be required, this can be facilitated.

Coaching pricing packages

Team Coaching (use team coaching text)

Any business which wants to be successful, whether it’s selling cars, books or nouvelle cuisine, must realise that they are in the people business first and then only secondly in the automotive, retail or restaurant business.

Clever businesses know that if they want to succeed, their most important asset, their people, must be a priority.

Understanding the team and looking after the individual team members will result in the team looking after the business, actively involving themselves in achieving the business goals.

So, how do you take care of your team? Well most people will say that money buys loyalty and maybe for some that statement is true, but for most good employees they want to know that they are being nurtured, grown, developed and respected by their employer.

How can coaching help?

Firstly, by introducing a coach into your business you are on the right path to achieving desired results.

Coaching Workshops (use text)